If you are using wood or pellets for heating, you will find the answer to "why should i usel Laddomat" and possibly add a buffer tank to your boiler.

1. Longer lifetime

With Laddomat on your system, the lifetime of the boiler increases. Thanks to the fact that the Laddomat cools the boiler with preheated return water, dramatically reduces the corrosion of the lower part of the boiler. Also, many boiler manufacturers give warranty for longer period of time if the boiler heating system includes Laddomat.

 2. Better money saving

A system without a buffer tank (direct system) must be turned on several times a day to preserve the heat, which leads to higher consumption of wood / pellets.If you place a storage tank and Laddomat on your system, you can reduce your costs up to 50%.

3.Cozier environment

A buffer tank acts as reserve and intermediate storage for the water circulated by the pump in the heating system.The boiler heats the water in the tank and  then it is supplied to the consumers. Adding a storage tank will result in a rarer use of the boiler.

4. Environmental advantages

With a buffer tank and Laddomat, there is no need to turn on the boiler as often as when the boiler is directly connected to the heating system. Take advantage of the energy of the fuel much better and create the best conditions for environmentally friendly heatin.

Why should i use storage tank?

The operation of a buffer tank is simple and based on the principle of physics that the hot water is lighter than cold. The hot water is pumped from the boiler and then it is sent in the upper part of the tank, while cold water is taken from the base of the tank.

To run this procedure as defined, the boundary between hot and cold water must be stable. If hot and cold water are continuously mixed, the water temperature will be lower. This means that the heating capacity decreases - in the worst case, the energy is not enough even to heat water for a shower.

The secret of perfect separation is to control the inflow to the reservoir, so that the separation is not distrubed.  The component that achieves this, is a regulating unit filling and the top regulating unit filling in the market, the Laddomat.

The way Laddomat works

When the boiler starts, Laddomat  puts water into circulation within the boiler to reach operating temperature quickly and begin to heat the buffer tank. Then, Laddomat pumps hot water and sends it to the top of the buffer tank slowly and controlled so that the separation is optimal. Furthermore, Laddomat cools the  boiler ςιτη preheated return water, for instance hot water from the top of the boiler which has been diluted with a little cold water from the bottom of the buffer tank.


Ladomata 21 60 Fill 235x300

Laddomat 21-60 circulator

with pump
three-way thermostatic valve and
thermostatic mixer valve 57 and 63 ° C


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