Probably the only fireplace - boiler in the world that does not create tar ! ! ! The energy efficient fireplace Energy XK3 anti tar (water & air) completely covers the heating of a residence. Due to the controlled  tiered tertiary combustion and the anti-tar technology, it avoids the production of tar inside the combustion chamber. Also it feeds the combustion chamber with air at the temperature of the exhaust fumes triggering this way its ignition. The result is low exhaust fumes emissions and Eco mode.

Stop the waste of energy and take advantage of every possible energy source to heat. Get rid of oil and embrace the flame.

ENERGY XK3 SMALL ANTITAR1330 mm660 mm920 mm
ENERGY XK3 ANTITAR1330 mm710 mm920 mm


Optional :

Suction fans (134 m³/h resistance to temperatures up to 170 °C) which are placed within the slat to improve the air flow.bentilater



Electronic air thermostat FC 810. ilektronikos thermostatis

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