EcoZenith i550 Pro

EcoZenith i550 Pro manages in the best possible way all energy sources and distributes respectively where necessary.

EcoZenith i550 Pro is a control center and a smart manager of hot water as for heating and  the use of it  (in a residence or business). EcoZenith i550 Pro is a real energy efficient solution, providing solution on heating and hot domestic water.

EcoZenith i550 Pro actively manages multiple energy sources and it is able to manage up to 3 independent heating zones. The intelligent control automatically detects the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly heating source depending on the heating  needs of your building. In order to ensure energy security EcoZenith i550 Pro is equipped with energy absorbers on multiple levels, providing back up supply whenever necessary.

Hot water is conveniently provided by the EcoZenith i550 Pro, the upper part of the tank can deliver up to 300 litres of hot water with a maximum flow rate of 40 litres per minute at 43 degrees. .Moreover it is able to provide 600 litres of water at 40 º C with a flow rate rate of 22 litres per minute.

The CTC EcoZenith i550 Pro comes complete with multiple generously sized connections, which assist not only with the installation and operation, but provide opportunities to easily expand the system in the future.

All–in-one thermal store with intelligent control. CTC EcoZenith is the natural addition to any heating system, providing the intelligent ‘energy hub’ that is necessary to fully integrate todays` mix of both renewable and non-renewable heat sources, ensuring comfort, reliability, and energy efficiency for home or professional use.

 Dimensions prior to installation without insulation(HxWxD) 1700x750x950 mm
 Dimensions after installation with insulation (HxWxD) 1700x886x1067 mm
 Weight 256 Kg
 Production of DHW 40 ° C with a flow of 22 liters per minute for idle water temperature 55 ° C 
 Spiral heat exchanger, made by copper, for heavy duty with blades for domestic hot water 2x18,6 m
 Spiral heat exchanger, made by copper, for heavy duty with blades for solar panels
 10 m
 Redirection of domestic hot water 0,6 m
 Water Volume 540 L
 Power Supply 400V 3N~
 Power of embedded resistors (for standalone mode) 2 x 9 Kw optional +9 Kw
 Power Supply Safety 16-36 A

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