The basic principle for safe and efficient combustion is that the wood we use has low humidity ( below 20 % ). This means you should avoid putting in your fireplace freshly cut wood or wood that was exposed in open space. Ideally the wood we should be evenly stored in order to ventilate and under canopy so that will not get wet . If you want to " prepare " your lumber for future efficient use,  you should store it according to the above instructions and let it " ripen " for two years in order to eliminate the moisture it contains.

Types of wood :


It is haed wood, ignites pretty easily and has fairly good combustion duration.  It's good to be cut into small pieces.


It has perhaps the longest combustion duration. It produces calm and beautiful flame. Ignites with difficulty, the use of kindling is almost certain.


It can be found mostly on northern Greece. It has white bark and it is one of the most efficient types of wood for a fireplace.

Olive tree

Burns very slowly. It gives us small and pleasant flame and ignites easily.


It ignites very easily and gives great heat. Appropriate is the white fir as it "pops" less than in the red. It burns quickly.


Hardwood with high thermal efficiency. It is one of the best woods for burning. Its only downside is that you might not find it easily in quantities.


It ignites easily, gives great flame, is good for firelighter but it is burned very quickly. It is containing resins which cause intense smoke production, while it has a tendency to pop during combustion.

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